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Posting, again, after many undisciplined months of thinking about this blog! So this note was written last month but it’s worthy of a repeat here…


I’m back in Africa. After 25 years.
Having spent the better half of my childhood growing up in these parts, it’s funny how I don’t ‘feel’ anything at the moment. It’s probably the 14-hour journey, my heart persuades me.

This isn’t the best image of Africa I’m posting. I’d actually planned for a batch of fluffy clouds against a rich, azure sky, taken just as we’d be landing in – but I fell asleep. I’d even imagined a grove of lush, tropical trees…or a golden field along the highway – but I forgot to pull the camera out.

So this is the best I could manage – a view from my room.

As I write this, sipping on locally brewed coffee, images and colours from the past (hidden in the recesses of my memory bank) begin to return. I see the wormhole Alice jumped into right there…in front of me. And after a quarter of a century, I’m about to step into my own wonderland…again!


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When fish fall in love

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Following up from the previous post, which was posted, well, almost a year ago…

(And what a year it has been!)

‘I’ has now become ‘we’


Ms Mentalsyrup joins the bandwagon and (hopefully), there will be more posts this year. More photographs. More memories. More laughter. And ofcourse, more food!

And as usual, continuing with streams of consciousness, please watch ‘The Fish Fall In Love’ and find yourself a slice of happiness.



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First post of the year.
Food, what else?
Hopefully, it’ll be a busier year on this blog!


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Images. There is just such a massive overload of digital. images that one experiences in a given day. Technologically regurgitated into our half-dead minds…the internet, TV, bill-boards, newspapers and the other lot in between that fills the crevices between mass-media.

So when we discovered walls in this quaint palace in South India plastered with photographs, all shot on film and mounted in crinkly wooden frames, we just decided to let the sepia tones filter into our souls. Images.

Kaapi, anna?

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Filter coffee, aka kaapi, is literally a balm that soothes the frazzled soul. There is magic in this concoction that spells pure joy.

The Dravidians got this beautifully right!

Indian Coffee House

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Indian Coffee House, Gwalior
A quaint den for either conversations and solitude…take a pick and step into one of the most anachronistic coffee shops in the country