backspace key

prayer flags in tashijong 

 so all these years and all this while i was rabidly against shifting to a digital slr…i thought that a film camera was what it was all about…old school…the real deal…anyone and everyone in their right senses to strike up a conversation around photography with me would go back spewing fire about the obnoxious disregard i harboured for the digital medium…part of it stems from this strange obsession with henri bresson’s work, but then that’s another story for another day…

and all this while i was using my mum’s 24 year old canon film slr. everytime i’d take it out on a ride, she’d utter a silent prayer for the instrument…it was dad’s first anniversary gift to her…

however, work and luck came knocking after college…a dslr had to be invested in…and 3 months down the line, let’s just say that i’m glad that the obstinate me was forced to bend over and get spanked by fate. as i always say, sometimes i wish my mouth had a backspace key…


~ by mentalsyrup on January 12, 2009.

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  1. Nice blog… I quite like Herzog’s comments here and believe in the philosophy.

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