bumped into this poem…

monkey boy


 I’ve got a monkey who is very, very smart
He’s useless at mathematics but very good at art.
He doesn’t do paintings of ladies in the nude
but sculptures of banana skins and odd bits of food.

The monkey’s name is Henry, or so I am told
He’s hung like a stallion but his passion runs cold.
He works in a cabin just behind my fence
where he makes lots of noise but very little sense.

I love my monkey
I love my monkey so
I take my monkey
every where I go.

It was only last Tuesday as I sat in my home
watching the telly while sitting on my own
that I heard strange noises coming from his shed
so I ran down the garden to find my monkey dead.

How I loved that monkey
I loved that monkey so
For now I must follow
Where the monkey go.

Oh how I cried all day and then through the night
I really loved that simian as one suspects I might
For years I did morn the passing of my friend
But every friendship ever made always comes to an end.

How I miss that monkey
I loved him to the end
and when I ate his liver
It was sustenance from a friend.

from http://fishywords.blogspot.com/

poem copyright C. J . Duffy


~ by mentalsyrup on January 14, 2009.

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