branches and time…

bir forest


…this is a tree i saw somewhere on the way to the sherabling monastery in himachal pradesh. although the photograph didn’t appeal initially, in retrospect, the electric wires cutting the frame seem to work in odd ways with the branches…


a lot of people ask me why i choose not to take my watch or mobile phone along on rides. i used to. not anymore. i guess the honest answer to give is that it allows me to break off from the whole idea of ‘restriction’. time enforces a sense of discipline. it orders you out of complacency. it has a sense of structure to it. funny thing is that it’s such an abstract concept yet it has such a tangible imprint on our lives…

time to get up…late is bad…early is good…

time to go to work…

time to have lunch…dinner…sneak a snack…steal a drag…

time to study…watch tv…surf the net…

fixing a date…and trying not to get late…etc. etc.

the whole idea is that if time doesn’t exist, then structure loses its identity. so you’ll only break for food when you really feel hungy…you’ll go to sleep when you feel sleepy…the idea is not to wake up to an alarm but to your own clock…it sounds a bit strange and pointless, but isn’t the whole point of riding out and away all about breaking from monotony and structure (apart from ofcourse, the joy of discovering new places and people and cuisines…)

so then why carry a mobile phone…or a watch?


~ by mentalsyrup on January 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “branches and time…”

  1. its great to not get a call while im on a trip 4 sure…i wudnt mind throwing my cell in a pond. n get cut off! ah, but practical calls forbid such acts of impulse. BUT, i feel, tht time always stands still…when all my senses are dedicated to something—be it work, or writing, even talking…or looking out of a window in a train.

  2. there was a time when i used to be crazy about watches… i used to love big watches but then what you wrote about time having a restricting quality was one of the “realisations”… so… its a bit freaky coz onek kichu kintu khub similar…. 🙂

  3. harry – practicality, decorum, social mennerisms etc should be flunked off on trips…and yeah, your comment just reminded me of a trip to kerela. was one of the best monsoon-train-window views i’ve ever seen 🙂

    shatabdi – thanks for dropping in! and if you keep commenting in bangla, we’ll all be branded into that family of pseudo-intellectual-colonial calcutta bongs we all love to hate 🙂

  4. I really think you have photoshopped this!

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