norbulingka institute…

norbulingka monastery



 norbulingka monastery







the norbulingka institute is an interesting place where you find bits and chunks of tibetan history and craft…it’s about 20 odd kilometers off dharamshala and worth a visit. the guest houses over there can be booked and you can stay in the complex as well.  for more information, hit the webpage is a bit outdated but you’ll get a general feel of the place.


~ by mentalsyrup on January 22, 2009.

One Response to “norbulingka institute…”

  1. Namaste,
    I am coming to your blog by chance and I am enjoying a few pictures you have there.
    Benaras of course and those here which are reminding me the few days I spent at this institute.
    It was a beautiful moment of peace that you manage to capture as well in your photo work.
    I like the golden light which is adding a kind of timeless touch to this set.
    Your angles are well thought.
    I’ll find some time to come back and read your words.
    Have a nice day,

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