colossal human madness…



i was talking to a friend about varansai the other day it it flooded me with a few memories from a trip taken about a year ago…

manikarnika ghat is also known as the burning ghat…it’s a strange place that you either fall in or out of love with…at any given time, there’ll be atleast five pyres burning…doesn’t matter if it’s a scorching summer noon or a cold winter night, they’ll be burning…little kids running around playing hop-scotch…old men discussing politics from the mahabharata…boys flying kites and playing marbles…middle aged beggars injecting drugs…sadhus walking around almost naked…dreadlocks that’d put rob zombie to shame…chillums being stuffed in…women washing clothes in one corner…the doms prodding at chunks of burning flesh and bones in the pyres, making sure everything is cooking fine…families with tears streaming down their cheeks, red-eyed and confused…a little girl selling chai in the midst of colossal human madness…

we smoked bidis as the pyres burnt…romanticizing the moment… 

colossal human madness…that’s what manikarnika is…tucked away in a part of the ganges…shrouded in mythology…embedded with drops of life and death…




~ by mentalsyrup on January 28, 2009.

6 Responses to “colossal human madness…”

  1. “making sure everything is cooking fine…” 🙂
    hmmmmmmmmmm can begin to imagine it in my head. love the pictures.

  2. Eerie.

    Beautiful photography.

  3. knack of photography!
    second one is beautiful !

  4. harry – yeah well if you keep sitting at the ghat and listen to them talk about it, that’s just how it seems to sound after a while..”turn the leg”…”the hands are not done yet”…”pay attention to the skull”…it’s strange!

    det-res and amrita – thanks 🙂

  5. Brilliant photography dude….love ur black n whites!!

  6. jojo – thanks!

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