sweat and bones…

bombay set


this huge piece of cloth is being raised to act as a filter. it’s used to dampen the harshness of sunlight when shooting in outdoor locations and helps the cinematographer shoot in more controlled lighting situations…


film set


from the sets of a bollywood production.

till i went here, i never truly appreciated that the spirit behind every film is not the face of the actor but the hands of all those many hundred electricians…lightmen..costume dadas…spot boys, who are actually aging men…make-up boys…and the extras…the hundred upon hundred of extras…those lost faces in the crowd…met an interesting man who started narrating his stories of having made films with the legends of hindi cinema…those passing by me gestured he was senile, but he sure did know how to tell his stories…


~ by mentalsyrup on February 3, 2009.

One Response to “sweat and bones…”

  1. yeh, and i feel this is the romance of film, and also its other face.

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