david lynch…


i don’t get filmmakers who swim in abstractions…hyper-abstractions. basically, i don’t get their films. just watched a david lynch – twin peaks – dear lord, it’s amongst the strangest of films…probably high up their in level of strange with werner herzog’s early works.

and what is even more confounding, is that these films find a place in pop culture that defies all logic. there are scenes and characters in twin peaks that apparently have biblical references…apparently have references to sado-masochistic pop-culture…apparently have references to other cinematic cliches and legends…but apparently, a lay person like me just didn’t get a bit of it. i mean at the end if the day it’s another story with its climactic highs and lows and a pretty linear structure – however, everything is unnecessarily punctuated with freudian logic.

sticking to simplicity is amongst the hardest creative choices because it really leads one to bare one’s soul. to be able to tell a story that is not necessarily universal or made with an audience in mind…but somehow something that doesn’t take recourse in unnecessary abstraction, that’s something. that takes courage. that takes grit. and this intellectual philosophising…you can do that by cutting reams of screenplay dripping with camu and derridan logi where your protagonists expound the ways of extentialism and all that hog-wash…or you can simply do all of that through a play of words between a blind grandfather and his mute grandson…now which sounds tougher to pull off?!

this is not to take away from davd lynch’s substantial body of work. no, it’s just a personal take on him.

but if i were to bend the words of a german filmmaker, i’d say someone like david lynch is for me intellectual counterfeit money when compared to a good kung-fu film… 



~ by mentalsyrup on March 3, 2009.

One Response to “david lynch…”

  1. Did you know Lynch was in Kolkata last year making random films??? So bizarre.(Is that the right spelling??!!)

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