white blobs on wax…



pigeons are the daftest of god’s creatures…if i were noah, i would have refused the birds up onto the ark…this contempt however, doesn’t stem from any philosophical abstraction, but from the (almost) daily cleaning that their dung elicits on maintaining the shine of my bike. now many have suggested that bikes and men are phallic extensions of each other blah blah, but if any of them had to bear the sight of a wet, white dropping, slipping along the waxed surface of a black fuel tank, they’d probably sympathise. and maybe empathise at the thought of the strenuous activity (though sometimes therapeutic) that cleaning and waxing a royal enfield can be…

…however, irony of it is that pigeons are probably the most shot of all of god’s creature in my collection…



~ by mentalsyrup on March 12, 2009.

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