nautha is a tiny village trapped somewhere beyond mussoorie…the best part about this place is the genuine hospitability that one is treated to…most of the villagers can hardly make by and farm on segregated plots of land, thereby reducing the possibility of a large produce manifold…however, the shy villagers here are more than inviting…

managed to spend about a week here with friends, living out of a single room school while we were on a small photography project from college back in 2007…got to know the place better…the place has its class dynamics within the little structure of a few hamlets, but that doesn’t take away from the beauty of this village and the warmth of its inhabitants… 

…on a different note, for a food junkie, the best part about this place were the sackfulls of corn that were strewn up all around the place… 



~ by mentalsyrup on March 14, 2009.

One Response to “nautha…”

  1. Personal experience says the further one moves away from the frenzied urban life, the better people one tends to meet.
    And yes, there is nothing that matches the joy of living peacefully in a hilly village.

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