notes for an invisible friend – ii



so basically spent most of yesterday inside…went out a couple of times to buy some groceries…there’s this store over here next to where we’re staying…sainsbury’s…that’s pretty much a one-stop for me. food et all…so basically i go mad everytime i head there and just plonk myself in the cold meat section – tuna…beef steaks…king prawns…lobsters…pork chops…sea-fish fillets…you name it, they got it…and not just one kind, but a multitude of them. you know, if i had to teach kids the mysteries of the mathematical concept of permuation-combination, i’d bring them to sainsbury’s just to show them how spoilt for (meat) choice they could be and the possible combinations of meat they could offer to pick and the permutations of bread or other accompaniments that could be offered alongside…

anyways…so much for the food. went to knightsbridge today…you know…the harrod’s place…harrod’s…dodi al fayed’s son? diana? princess of wales? rings a bell? anyways, had some work there and then just ambled around the place. walked into a chinese restaurant there…it seemed pretty upmarket for my wandering tastes but then you can’t really drag a tired parent to an eat-out joint after 2 hours of walking…so mum and i plonked ourselves inside…ordered some prawns and chicken with some sticky rice. let me tell you – sticky rice here ain’t like the sticky bengali rice you and i are used to my friend…no…it has this strange subtle flavour of its own that it brings to the dishes as well. the prawns were very good…the chicken was a bit drab and dull, but then it’s the worst of all the possible meats you could eat anyway…never eat a chicken in a white man’s country – because the red meat here (read pork and beef) is just too good (and safe) to let pass…did i tell you about the time that a friend of a friend had pork in the north east in india and developed tape-worms in her brain and she has had to have medication for seizures she suffers from ever since? yes, so my rule is avoid pork and beef in india because you never know where you animal has been…but pull out the fork and knife when you’re here…damn they have a health certification for every damn thing here…from chick-peas to frilly underwear…

anyways…also went to the famous victoria-albert museum…it’s a store-house of historical artifacts from possible all the civilizations post 500AD…it’s a store-house of stolen goods really, if you ask me…proudly displayed in lavish corridors are persian rugs, indian scultures, paintings by raphael, pottery from byzantine and all that you could think of. again, takes a good many hours to find your way around the entire place and a delight for any history buff, but you can’t help feeling a bit odd about ot all…i mean hear this…was text from one of the lavish displays – these ornately crafted gravestones were taken from the grave of xyz in the year 1342 from iraq. the artistic brilliance of the craft has been adapted and later incorporated in works seen in many european architectures in later centuries…blah blah…so what are you doing – brazenly admitting to robbing the grave of some dead poet…and putting the restored spoils on display in a 6 by 6 in a museum that claims to be amongst the best in the world? i’m being quite inarticulate here – my feelings are stuck just under the skin and it’s so difficult to put words to them…oh and guess what’s happening in iraq by the way…another couple of car bombs – 47 people killed…obama will pull out 20000 troops but nato forces might be strengthened and taliban is gaining a foothold all across afghanistan and penetrating pakistan…this isn’t me trying to find a point to all this by the way, it’s the local papers here!

but this is quite a place… it’s strange i don’t have a camera with me on this trip to keep pulling up images for the words…but that’s the joy of it all…

and yeah, thanks for feeding that idea into my head…it’s got me writing for a bit…

do you want some underwear from here? they have all kinds and real funny ones…let me know what size to get you… 


lots of prawns and gravestones thrown your way,




~ by mentalsyrup on March 18, 2009.

4 Responses to “notes for an invisible friend – ii”

  1. Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  2. “concept of permuation-combination”..hehe..lolz..
    seriously strange..U dont have camera…..
    btw good post :).nicely portrayed

    • yes amrita…i wish i had a camera but then it’s just one of those things…guess it’s slapped me back to writing about things… 🙂

  3. 🙂 hahhaaaaaaa ur humour is kinda british methinks! but ya…no camera….has a joy of its own….the old fashioned memory postcard and words.

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