notes for an invisible friend – iii


hey…a potentially slow day turned out to be an interesting walk through a bit of history here…
mum literally forced me out of the house – emotionally blackmailed me with a glum face…
so we headed up in central london…got off at king’s cross station…yeah, the one in monopoly…i always bought this station in the game man, had some strange association with it…anyways, without digressing, we just ambled along and walked past some of the high end bits of london…stared at shop windows…walked a bit more…and mum got desperately hungry…
did i tell you she is a traditional fish’n’chips fanatic? yes, she is…goes mad about the dish…so after 7 years of seperation from it (last time we were here was in 2002), she just wouldn’t have anything but it…
and we found just the place…a pub in the heart of carnaby market. but before the pub, a bit about carnaby – it was once the sight of an 18th century street market and is now the home to most of the leading fashoin brands there…not really all the leading ones but you know, functional yet good stuff…and we hear that it’s amongst the world’s most famous shopping precincts. and it’s tucked behind the lanes of the main streets of london – we just happened to stroll into the backlanes, trying to avoid drafts of cold air blowing in the street. oh the weather is simply brilliant – so far – sun’s out hight but a cool breeze blowing…fanstastic stuff from the slow grill that’s about to start cooking in delhi…
anyways, so we went into this pub…it’s called shakespeare’s head…i guess the pun wasn’t intended but then you know, if it was, then we’d probably be in some bordello in the back lanes of amsterdam…shakespeare’s head…what kind of stuff do you serve here mah dear? anything that might tickle me fancy?! anyways, so we walked up into the restaurant and avoided the pub on the ground floor. the restaurant was this typical english joint – heavy set wooden chaiirs with tall backs and leather seats…lot’s of wooden panelling all around…thick curtains…the only giveaway was the beatles album on the music system…
mum ordered the fish and chips…i hogged on a traditional roast beef with lots of gravy and potatoes…
so this joint was set up in 1735 by a couple of men…thomas and john i think they were called…apparently related to the bard himself…interesting thing about the place was the bust of shakespeare overlooking the market street…of course, one of his hands was missing…guess what happened to it – he lost it in a bombing raid in world war 2…by the way…have you ever thought of that? shakespeare and world war 2? what if you replaced churchill with the bard? now would he be sending joeseph goebbels love sonnets? goebbel’s was hitler’s minister for propoganda…apparently he was rumoured to have one ball…(an impolite reference to a scrotal sac)…or was that himmler? hmmm…forgetting it…or maybe he was the one who had two, but were very small…hey i’m not showing off my ww2 trivia facts here…just had an interest in ww2…would love to go to the war museum here…)
anyways, then the clouds set in on the horizon and we decided to head back. my cousin sis (the eldest of the 3 i’m visiting) will be over today (we’re staying with her father/ my uncle) with her two little daughters. we’ll be meeting what…after 7 years…i’m guessing she’ll be trying to get me drunk now…or maybe not…considering the kids around…
will update you on how that shapes up.
how is it in delhi? has it started to roast?


~ by mentalsyrup on March 19, 2009.

One Response to “notes for an invisible friend – iii”

  1. i loved this jig-saw of words…the sights and the smells of the most usual and the mundane delightfully bursting out of them..!

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