notes for an invisible friend – iv

hey guess what…

my eldest cousin came over with her kids…one’s 7 and the other’s 10…

the last time i’d seen them, one had just popped out and the other was 3…so the former would just sleep in her cot or pee in it and cry while the latter played a bit of football with me and talked a lot…

this time, the elder one has grown up to become such a pretty young lady. she’s shy and polite. and she’s pretty much the darling, being the first and all. i think she’ll grow up to be a perfect impression of my youngest cousin – chased after by all the men in the colony.

and this time, the tiny one has grown into a 7 year old tomboy (much to my delight!)…we broke ice and talked about how uncool dollhouses and barbies can be and chatted about the miseries of girl company. we talked about football and broke open a container of fruit juice to celebrate our taste in cartoons. she’s quite the stuff – plats, pants, football shoes and a tooth missing from her ragged set…and the naughtiest smile ever…

…and oh yeah, i was referred to as the nice gentleman

…that’s when their mother jumped in and exclaimed, my dear, that’s uncle sushmit…

…and my head went uncle….uncle…uncle…

hmmmm….time, my dear friend, weaves a web around us in the strangest of ways…

i think time is a black widow spider…




~ by mentalsyrup on March 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “notes for an invisible friend – iv”

  1. 🙂

  2. awe…uncle sushmit…hehehe.. 🙂

  3. oye uncle sushmit
    just to let you know that if you think time is playing games, im a grand uncle…imagine my niece telling her kid..this is your grand uncle- your grand mum’s brother…(behn””..well how appropriate!!!)
    u traitor..u can’t have a ‘miseries of girl company’ conversations with a girl even if she’s a 10/7 yr old. they all grow up to be the same – girl company. And if you think you can converse her way out of it, dont we know enough women…
    yeah im growing up to become a sour, old uncleji…i need a monkey dude really hope you’ve got to ‘pet’ hehehehheheh

  4. “Girls will be boys and boys will be girls….Its a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for lola”
    …where lola is transgender…song by the Kinks. LOL.

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