notes for an invisible friend – v


hey…sorry for the lapse in writing.

been running about a bit doing nothing and acting busy…will update you about rome soon…was wrapped in history there!

anyways, the g20 summit is taking place here this year…lot of noise around it and will be heading out to check out the stuff going on here. crazy stuff planned for all over the financial district in london – burning bankers (the rag dolls…relax), spraying symbols over and about big cars, marches, stand-up talks, taking on the riot police in a peaceful march – they’re planning a gandhi style here but the last time they did that at the g20, ended up in mass riots…

so…was reading a cheap paperback version of chomsky the other day in the underground…you know…had a long way to go and nothing to do…so picked up this one for a couple of bucks…so was reading when this guy (long beard flowing, hair dishevelled, peace tattoo on the neck, ripped jeans, joint-stick stuck high and proud in the left ear and a ‘i hate bankers’ shirt for effect) sits down next to me…here’s how the conversation went:

wannabe-hipster: didn’t know you brownies read chomsky…eh..? oi!

me: (after being shook out of an interesting bit about iraq, it did take a bit of time adjusting to realise that a person ACTUALLY came and sat next to me to make conversation on the london underground…never happens…never encouraged…anyways…) huh??

wannabe-hipster: you brownies read chomsky?!

me: (mixture of aggravation and amusement) you white-trash know who he is? 

wannabe-hipster: (pause…looks me deep in the eye…curls up his lips) never call me white trash again. i’ll turn your ‘ins’ out…giddit?

me: (a bit alarmed but obviously, if you’ve stepped into it, you possibly can’t back out…i look him back in the eyes…pause for dramatic effect) i bet i could rip you at sudoku. and no, that’s not an oriental dish. so i’d like to get back to this book here.

(i get back to chomsky but am replaying what i just said in my head. SUDOKU?!?!?!?!?! SUDOKU?!?!?!?! CAN YOU BELIEVE THE RETORTS WE INDIANS COME UP WITH?!?!  dear lord…if i were american or australian or something, then we’d probably be at each other it with fists and what not…but no, the indian always has to make brainiac interventions…damn…well, on second thoughts, atleast we don’t have the memory of iraq or afghanistan or vietnam or korea or indonesia or bosinia or palestine or colombia or every other country in the southern hemisphere in our censured histories)

anyways, next thing you know there is cackling laughter in the compartment and the sod is in splits.

he apologises and congratulates me. apparently he was testing me…yeah, welcome to the 21st century but your masculinity is still put to the test the old boy’s school way – eyeballing and cussing. he introduces himself – turns out that wannabe-hipster is a former professor at an irish university. political theory and international relations with a extra in philosophy. early retirement followed with trips across africa working with non-governmental aid agencies. now spends time between guest lectures across universities in europe and america and fishing and gardening…so…obviously, the guy knew a bit more about chomsky than one could give him credit for. turned out he was one of the local biggies marching at the g20 protests as well.

anyways, one of the more colourful characters i’ve had a chance to meet so far. we overshot our respective stations in the conversation and had to say hurried goodbyes.

we’ll be meeting up at the protests tomorrow if we can find each other. maybe more chatter over irish cream and bacon will follow… 


anyways, how’s the weather back home?

it’s windy down here. send those sketches in soon – been itching to have a look!

more soon,




~ by mentalsyrup on March 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “notes for an invisible friend – v”

  1. an interesting character……hmmmmm…i’d like to attend his lectures…hahhaha u sure nailed his test tho!

  2. 🙂 lol!!…sush u really need to get over sudoku man!!
    how was it at the g20 protests?

  3. soduku…WHAT IS WRONG WITH U…Puccca bong…while you were at it why didnt you ask him do a rabindra sangeet recital?
    I think the bottle from peking is affecting you? 🙂
    anyway am missing you guys…my weekends are so boring dude..maybe i should try some soduku…F”’

  4. HARRY – you bet i did!

    JOLA and NITIN – i wasn’t actually playing sudoku man! it was just thr first thing that came to me…maybe its a subconscious thing..!! g20 protests were great though…lots of action….lots of drama 🙂

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