street art



street artists abound all along alleys, market places and town squares…quite a signt to see the cobbled streets, some almost a couple of thosand years old, dotted with frescoes and canvasses dripping oil paint…

it’s something that one misses back home…the street artists…




~ by mentalsyrup on April 28, 2009.

6 Responses to “street art”

  1. I personally love street art. You can find very talented and unique artist making amaing art right there in the street. The street art has got soul and life..

  2. I like street art bcoz i sell my oil-paintings to the street market shops 🙂

  3. Good street arts, do u manage more, If Y, then intimate me.

  4. what a beautiful starry night replica! hmm only place i’ve seen street art in india wud be in kala ghoda in mumbai….yea, a public space as an art space is kinda lacking here…

  5. viktoryian – thanks for dropping by…

    amrita – are you seriously a street artist?!

    pushppravesh – just keep dropping by for updates

    harry – there was talk about a wall being put up in delhi…!

  6. But there are different things that define our streets. Not very proud, I am sure.

    The second image makes me want to be in the frame.

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