god and thukpa



norbulingka, himachal pradesh

a conversation that took place sometime in december last in dharamshala.

5 year old boy. 25 year old man.

boy-so why is god a man?

man-who told you that? god might just be a woman



boy-then does god cook for her family like my mum? or does she have a lot of people working for her?

man-what do you think?

boy-i think god spends a lot of time with her family just like my mum…she keeps busy with her children and husband.

man-how do you know?

boy-because shes not been able to take care of my things you know. i’ve been praying a lot. mum says god keeps really busy with a lot of other prayers.

man-so what’s the prayer for?

boy-its a secret. *pause* but because its you, i’ll tell you its something to do with santa claus.

man-yeah? *curious*


man-won’t you tell me?


boy *sighs, looks around, whispers*-well, i found my father dressing up in his clothes the other night. i think my father has kidnapped santa. i want god to forgive him for this. and also want santa back and about on his job. and also the red cycle i really want…i hope god finishes making the thukpa soon and gets back to some real work. things would be better.


~ by mentalsyrup on August 24, 2009.

One Response to “god and thukpa”

  1. Hahahaa, dude, didn’t know you’ve been posting. I am so glad I am reading you today! Your travel posts are increasingly fun, i must say. Love your photos.

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