an afternoon where the clouds seemed to be doing all the talking…

 we were on our way to te nepal border…maybe an odd 100 kilometers away from this spot. the excitement of crossing into a new country, however, fizzled out when we reached dharchula. we were told that there were no motorable roads on the other side of the border so it would be impossible to take our bikes along.

we looked at the indian policeman manning the bridge, officiously directing us to park up at the police-station closeby…

why don’t you just park your bikes there, take your bags and go?

oh if looks could kill…if looks could kill…


we reluctantly decided to skip nepal…and turned back onto the highyway.


we’d follow the road till the line disappeared on the map…and see what happened next…




~ by mentalsyrup on October 21, 2009.

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  1. Whoa… damn.

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