i’m hungry man

yeah i know.

how do you know…?

i’m hungry too…






didn’t see any food joints on this stretch so far.

no…nothing. last one was when we left. that’s about..umm…76 kilometers…

i’m hungry.

i’m hungry and cold.


i could kill for some tea you know.


some tea right now would be great. tea…








i could do with some tea dude…

yeah okay.

one glass.



so we rode on for days…filling in the silences with endless cups of tea…

before meals, between meals and after meals…

after waking up, on rides and before sleeping…

by the end of it, nicotine settled into our words and we were probably pissing tea…

…on the last day of the trip, this little angel brews me a cup of coffee…

…paradise finds itself in caffeine… 



~ by mentalsyrup on October 22, 2009.

One Response to “tea”

  1. If ever there was an epitaph written way ahead of time, this one is fit for Nitin!

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