lost and found


mum and uncle…

sometime around 1961 or ’62…

somehow studio portraiture revolved around stern faces…or faces with blank expressions at best


~ by mentalsyrup on December 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “lost and found”

  1. Love this pic for a number of reasons. I can tell they are related even if you hadn’t earlier…and it is apparent it’s an old old pic because it’s worn out.
    I wonder if the photographer asked your uncle to put one hand in his pocket?
    How is he in school clothes while your mum isn’t, which does not make sense since most schools had the same schedules in India. Your mum should be in a uniform too or did she bunk classes that day?:) Or did he play dress up after school?:)

  2. Oh I like this pretty lil girl! 🙂

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