“France has found a unique way of controlling its unwanted critter population. They have done this by giving unwanted animals like snails, frogs and pigeons fancy names, thus transforming common backyard pests into expensive delicacies. These are then served to gullible tourists, who will eat anything they can’t pronounce.”

                                                                  ~ Chris Harris



~ by mentalsyrup on January 25, 2010.

5 Responses to “pigeons”

  1. wonderful captures and superb quote!

  2. thanks 🙂
    you got some interesting images going on your blogs too

  3. Good stuff, Ghosh.

  4. haha. ok so not to be presumptuous but based on a quick perusal of your blog i feel like the truth is probably that you secretly (or not so secretly) heart pigeons. that’s how it usually goes when one calls something or someone “stupid” repeatedly. well at least they’ve succeeded in getting your attention. 🙂 beautiful shots.

  5. i think its a freudian thing 🙂

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