smells like…

a weekend spent in the midst of some boyish faces with absurdly bloated bodies. all wound up and rubbed with some metallic smelling gel. felt like walking through a stable full of ill horses.

one of the boys was getting gel rubbed all over the front part of his body. a crowd started to gather around him. cameras. cellphones. all pointed at him.

click click.

i walked around and stopped right behind him.

so, when did you start all this?


it felt like an inane question in retrospect. specially when you’re asking someone something standing behind them. can be unnerving. for them, that is…

how did it matter when he started? the point was he looked this way now (which simply meant that all this must have started quite some while back…)

so, out of sheer curiosity – when did you start body-building?

thoughtful scratching of the ear followed by a gruff two word answer – salman khan.

ah. salman khan.

the horse stable began to make sense.


~ by mentalsyrup on April 18, 2010.

One Response to “smells like…”

  1. The Duh moment LOL.

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