marine drive

i belted out the camera when i saw this man walking past me at marine drive…seemed oblivious to every one of us…somehow bombay seemed ingrained in his soul…

when i look back at this image, it reminds me of joyce kilmer’s poem ‘madness’…

The lonely farm, the crowded street,
The palace and the slum,
Give welcome to my silent feet
As, bearing gifts, I come.

Last night a beggar crouched alone,
A ragged helpless thing;
I set him on a moonbeam throne —
Today he is a king.

Last night a king in orb and crown
Held court with splendid cheer;
Today he tears his purple gown
And moans and shrieks in fear.

Not iron bars, nor flashing spears,
Not land, nor sky, nor sea,
Nor love’s artillery of tears
Can keep mine own from me.

Serene, unchanging, ever fair,
I smile with secret mirth
And in a net of mine own hair
I swing the captive earth…


~ by mentalsyrup on September 4, 2010.

7 Responses to “marine drive”

  1. I love the poem. I can see why you make the connect. beautiful picture…

  2. Damn! I just realised how much I like this picture. Damn!

  3. beautiful

  4. unbeatable combination of poem and photography.

  5. Hey Sushmit……….this yours? Nice! I like I like!

  6. by far the best shot thats come out of that russian gadget till now!

  7. there is something very kinetic about this still image…the man, the sky, the moment – everything coming together in perfect friction! Easily, one of your best Sush!

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