overheard at the indian national rally championship held outside jodhpur, rajasthan

villager 1: what is going on here?

villager 2: some people are driving cars

villager 1: so why have they blocked off our roads here?

villager 2: they drive very fast

villager 1: why don’t they do all this nonsense in the city?

villager 2: they already have some foreign people doing this there….those game things…

villager 1: you mean the kaam-wel games…yes, i know about that


(one rally car races past)

villager 1: fools…

(walks back towards his village)


~ by mentalsyrup on September 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “rally”

  1. Interesting conversation….

  2. That sounds bang on!! Fools!! =)

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