Notes from a Beautiful City


A short that we just pulled off under the Black Ticket Films banner with Open Space. It loads in a jiffy so do have a watch!

Notes from a Beautiful City

9 minutes

Being hosted in India’s capital city of Delhi, the Commonwealth Games 2010 has found the most expensive and grandest venue in its history. While Delhi was being dressed up for this 12-day extravaganza, there were millions who were being quietly evicted and hidden behind the glitter of this mega-event. ‘Notes from a Beautiful City’ explores the many stories that remained untold as seen through the eyes of its invisible citizens…

Research and Edit:
Rintu Thomas

Photography and Sound:
Sushmit Ghosh

Produced by:
Open Space & Black Ticket Films



~ by mentalsyrup on October 9, 2010.

5 Responses to “Notes from a Beautiful City”

  1. One of the best shorts I have seen in ages. I think this is by far the most poignant film you guys have churned out. But hey! That’s just my humble opinion.To say I love this one would not be doing justice to this piece.It’s so much more. Keep capturing these moments in such a beautiful light. Congratulations on a job so well done =)

  2. A touching tale of two cities, one Delhi of CWG and the other who are never heard. A very well documented short worth a deep thought.

  3. Hello there, I found you through Kafila and spent quite some time last night looking at your posts.
    I really like your style and the short is brilliantly done. I’d like to know, who are Black Ticket Films?

    Also, it’s funny, I share your love/hate relationship with pigeons. heh.

  4. athena…coming from you, means much 🙂 thanks!

    ayyangar…it does seem like we have one foot in the future and one in the past…thanks for dropping by!

    srivatsan…black ticket films is essentially a media outfit that produces independent documentary and short fiction…apart from corporate films and mainstream work…we also run film workshops for young folks…and yeah, pigeons are quite a the puzzle! do keep dropping by…

  5. A mere 9min film but it will stay with me for eternity. simply speechless. guys, you’ve moved me. may these people find their homes back, may the lesser gods hear their plea.

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