durga pujo

first lot of images from the durga immersion

this is the only day where it rings through that the good old bengali aunts and uncles once belonged to crazy ’60s!

yamuna, new delhi


~ by mentalsyrup on October 18, 2010.

4 Responses to “durga pujo”

  1. *Snigger snigger* what do you even know about Durga Pujo, you prabashi??? Come to Kolkata to experience what Pujo is all about. Once time in the year, every year, that my city looks unreal and so beautiful…so much life and vibrant colours and smells and sounds. You really must come to Kolkata once to experience the 5 days of Pujo. You and your camera will not regret the trip. This I guarantee =)

  2. @ athena: you’ll be in delhi now for a bit…snigger away to that thought too : )

  3. Note how I did not snigger too much… 😦

  4. the first and the last one remind me of the mad chaos that was there yesterday! they’ve also got this strange fervour with the raised hands, et al! nicely done!

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