Posting, again, after many undisciplined months of thinking about this blog! So this note was written last month but it’s worthy of a repeat here…


I’m back in Africa. After 25 years.
Having spent the better half of my childhood growing up in these parts, it’s funny how I don’t ‘feel’ anything at the moment. It’s probably the 14-hour journey, my heart persuades me.

This isn’t the best image of Africa I’m posting. I’d actually planned for a batch of fluffy clouds against a rich, azure sky, taken just as we’d be landing in – but I fell asleep. I’d even imagined a grove of lush, tropical trees…or a golden field along the highway – but I forgot to pull the camera out.

So this is the best I could manage – a view from my room.

As I write this, sipping on locally brewed coffee, images and colours from the past (hidden in the recesses of my memory bank) begin to return. I see the wormhole Alice jumped into right there…in front of me. And after a quarter of a century, I’m about to step into my own wonderland…again!


~ by mentalsyrup on December 14, 2016.

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